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GaystarNews jumps the gun on “gay panic” bill on Nevada

London based GayStarNews reported yesterday April 17,  Nevada had passed a bill to ban the “gay panic” or “trans panic” defense with the headline “Nevada bans “gay panic” defense“.  That story was rapidly shared by many on social media but was incorrect. The bill, SB 97  had simply passed out of its house of origin … Continue reading

ADVISORY ISSUED: Be non confrontational, Be Safe

There is NO immediate threat to the LGBTQ+ community.  The community does need to be aware of a hate group that has raised its head in western Nevada, The Nevada Salt and Light Brigade.  The group is a sub-group of Pass the Salt Ministries, a known LGBTQ hate group according the Southern Poverty Law Center. … Continue reading

Protester shows up at OUR Center

Our Center had a bit of excitement on April 4 as its first protester stood outside its front door yelling “religious” hate speech through a battery powered amplified sound system.  Reno Police were called and talked with the protester, requiring him to turn down, if not off, his amplified sound system. At one point when … Continue reading

Nevada Assembly approves AJR2*, 37-2

The Nevada Assembly has approved AJR2* the bill from the 2017 legislative session which would change the state’s constitution to recognize all marriage, regardless of gender. On Friday, March 29, the Assembly voted 37 to 2 to approve the joint resolution for the second time, sending it on to the Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and … Continue reading

Federal Equality Act to be heard in House Committee

The Equality Act was first introduced in 1974 in Congress. On Tuesday April 2 at 7 am pacific time (10 am eastern) the House of Representatives Judiciary Committee will hear H.R. 5 (The Equality Act)  which has 237 Democratic and 2 Republican co-sponsors. This is the third attempt, in the last four years, to amend … Continue reading

Have you tried Liberty Food and Wine Exchange?

By Helen Trisky, Reviewer Extraordinaire Have you ever had the pleasure to eat at the corner of North Sierra and West First Street in downtown Reno?  Yes, the old JC Penny’s building for those who have been in town a while, which houses Liberty Food and Wine Exchange.  One word – Amazing! If you haven’t been … Continue reading

Margaret Snatcher claims Closet Ball title

The 41st edition of Reno’s Closet Ball was held at the Ramada Reno in downtown to see Margaret Snatcher (yes she is from Britain) claim the title of Closet Ball Queen 2019. The event held annually by the Silver Dollar Court raises money for local charities and is known in the community as the funest … Continue reading

Jason Goodnight (aka Trixxxy) Life to be Celebrated

The Reno community was greatly saddened by the death of Jason Goodnight (Trixxxy) on February 13.  She had been very active in the activities and fund raising efforts of the Silver Dollar Court for over two decades and a member of two drag ensembles who raised money for charity. It has been announced there will … Continue reading

Back at it! therenogaypage for March 22, 2019

Update: Do to an error in a picture used the .pdf edition of the paper it has been updated to be correct. therenogaypage apologizes for the error. Did ya miss us?  The editor wants to retire but the community does want him to.  Afterall it has been 26 years since this paper started.  So now … Continue reading

DO you care about guaranteeing Marriage Equality in Nevada?

URGENT – Community’s Help is needed to spread the word. Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 2* needs as much support as it can get. In the past there has been overwhelming support for the passage of the bill which would change the state’s constitution to recognize all marriages regardless of gender. It would remove the currently … Continue reading


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