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therenogaypage for May 30, 2019

So Yes this issue was delayed. It is really strange when you are working on deadline, the paper is about ready to be put to bed and – – –  poof! it’s gone. So it is finally retyped, sort of edited but its done. If there are mistakes, so be it. (Remember this is a … Continue reading

AJR2* to the People in 2020; the work begins

The Nevada State Senate yesterday (May 23) approved AJR2* (Assembly Joint Resolution 2 from the 79th (2017) Nevada legislative session) by a vote of 19 – 2 sending it to the ballot and a vote of the People in November 2020. AJR2* seeks to change the definition of marriage currently unenforceable in the state’s constitution … Continue reading

Get your roller skates out: Busy LGBTQ May 17-19

Dust off your roller skates and get ready for a busy LGBTQ weekend in the Biggest Little City, May 17 -19. The 8th Annual Harvey Milk Day celebration will be hosted by OUR Center on Friday night, May 17 at the McKinley Arts and Culture Center starting at 6 pm.  Admission is $10 and $5 … Continue reading


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