Jason Goodnight (aka Trixxxy) Life to be Celebrated

The Reno community was greatly saddened by the death of Jason Goodnight (Trixxxy) on February 13.  She had been very active in the activities and fund raising efforts of the Silver Dollar Court for over two decades and a member of two drag ensembles who raised money for charity.

It has been announced there will be a Celebration of Life scheduled for April 13 at FacesNV (239 West Second Street, Downtown Reno) starting at 8 pm. According to a facebook post, the community is being asked to come together and celebrate the life of a person who will be greatly missed. Entertainers are asked to do a song that would make Trixxxy smile. Others are asked to share their favorite “Trixxxy” story.

Trixxy was also involved with Lipstick Divas, a drag ensemble that performed at the original Cadillac Lounge when it was located in the West Street Plaza.  She was also a member of Divas on the Run, who did charity performances as and when needed to help out this or that cause that needed financial support.

Trixxy reigned as Empress of Northern Nevada and the eastern territories with the love of her life, her husband Paul Anthony as Empress and Emperor XXVI (2001-2002).

The celebration of Life is a fund raiser for final medical expenses and for the Shakespeare Animal Fund.

Trixxy, used to get mad at SierraVoice and therenogaypage for editing out her Superman tattoo from pictures. The editor of this paper would simply says “a woman doesn’t have tattoos”(being a member of the Stonewall generation) and that is the persona you are creating.  She would always respond, “this is camp!”

Therenogaypage regrets an error in the issue of the paper published March 20 and dated March 22 for using a picture that was not Trixxy.  Therenogaypage regrets deeply the error which occurred because in 2003 at the stepping down of Grand Duchess XIX Felicia, Trixxxy did the National Anthem in a similar outfit.  therenogaypage hopes that her husband, Paul Anthony, her friends and family accept the apology. The online edition of therenogaypage has been corrected and is available to download through the wordpress site.

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