Onset of HIV/AIDS: Life’s Early Departure moved the audience

Attentive to the words being said about life with HIV/AIDS and its affects on life.

“Look at life’s big picture,” Lenny Daigle told a group that had gathered at OUR Center for the third in a month long series of talk on topics related to the GLBTQ+ community and where we came from for GLBTQ+ Hxstory month. “It is what it is, deal with it! Enjoy each and every day…”

Daigle spoke on The Onset of HIV/AIDS: Life’s Early Departure, looking back at how the pandemic started and exploded in the United States from his viewpoint and experiences in life dealing with the disease.  Many of those present were not born when the epidemic was at its worst. Daigle pointed out that it is not over. There is NO cure and there are still new infections happening.

Daigle has been a Frontline speaker in local schools and speaks to medical students at the University of Nevada. Frontline was a speakers bureau which did HIV/AIDS education and outreach telling the stories of those living with HIV/AIDS.

Speaking from the heart and telling his story about HIV/AIDS and how it affected his life was moving and poignant. Daigle said in his talks with high school students in the past and with medical students, most had no idea what life was like in the 1980’s and early 1990’s of the pandemic and what people had to go through.

“Some times it would start with the snickers,” Daigle said. “but once the story was told attitudes changed.”

“Thank you for telling us your story,” a member of the audience told Daigle as the presentation was winding up.

The last of the month long events celebrating GLBRQ+ History month at OUR Center will be on Thursday, October 25 with Holly Willhorn of the ACLU Nevada speaking about the Hxstory of GLBTQ+ politics in Nevada. The event is free and open to the public from 5:30 to 7 pm at OUR Center, 1745 South Wells Ave in Reno.

Read the full story in the November issue of therenogaypage.


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