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Onset of HIV/AIDS: Life’s Early Departure moved the audience

“Look at life’s big picture,” Lenny Daigle told a group that had gathered at OUR Center for the third in a month long series of talk on topics related to the GLBTQ+ community and where we came from for GLBTQ+ Hxstory month. “It is what it is, deal with it! Enjoy each and every day…” … Continue reading

OUR Center’s Dias de Los Muertos altar honors life lost and icons

OUR Center is doing something a little different in honoring October’s Gay Hxstory month this year. Upon entering, visitors to the local GLBTQ+ Center will find a small Dias de Los Muertos (Days of the Dead) altar honoring those who lives lost at Pulse NightClub in Orlando in June 2016 and several gay icons such … Continue reading

OUR Center hosts Coming Out Day panel

National Coming Out Day is celebrated across the United States as a day to share our stories as to how we announced to the world  about who we are. OUR Center, the northern Nevada GLBTQ+ Community Center, hosted a panel of five people before an audience of about 30 people on Thursday, October 11. The … Continue reading

Reno makes HRC Equality Index as 78th city

The Biggest Little City has definitely become a more accepting, understanding, equality minded municipality having raised its Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Municipal Equality Index by 31 points in three years to make it the 78th  city to be added to the index.  The announcement was made before a small crowd in downtown Reno’s Believe Plaza … Continue reading

Editor speaks to Belarusian journalists for Coming Out Day

  The editor of therenogaypage, Paco Lachoy (Пака Лакой in Belarusian) was asked to make a short video message for Coming Out Day October 11 for journalists in Belarus, a country where being gay is still monitored by the government. The website is (the video is in english)

therenogaypage for October 9, 2018

It is hard to believe that this month between the SierraVoice, started in October 1993 and threnogaypage, I have been doing this for 26 years. Thanks you for reading therenogaypage and for your support. In this issue your will find stories on: 26 years a GLBTQ+ public service Belarus NGO visits OUR Center HOPES dedicates … Continue reading


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