GLM tells a story again and entertains (LOL) the audience

By Helen Trisky, Theatre, Film and Art Critic

Had the pleasure of attending opening night of  The Play about a Dick by Aaron Wilton at Good Luck Macbeth (GLM) in their new space on West Taylor Street. I must say the space for theatre is incredible, roomy, clean, bright and a space where stories can really be told.

Opening night, the theatre had just a couple for empty seats. An accomplishment for a play that was making its debut in Reno (in fact making its first performance ever in the United States). But GLM has that special reputation of telling stories so well. After all is that what a play is, a story?

Cast of The Play about a Dick

So what is the story about?  The playbill lacked any insight into this play and mine was printed upside down. I didn’t take the time to “Google” it, so I had no idea what I was in store for. But previous experience at GLM told me, I would be entertained. I was right. It quickly became evident in the opening vignette. Oh wait I forgot, this play is rated “R” for language mostly, but it is adult humor that had the audience laughing out loud – and it wasn’t chuckles but hilarity coming from the audience created by the actors on stage. It is not vulgar by any means, but likely how members if the middle class would speak if they were from the New York area. It is a dark comedy that is extremely humorous. After all they were telling a story, aren’t they?

In fact, the entire play is a group of vignette’s taking place in a home, a church, a backyard, a bed room and another apartment. Director Amanda Alvey did an outstanding job with this 90 minute production that is a group of vignettes telling the story of Enid, Murray, Birdy, Margi, Magnus and Duck. (And no there are not two birds in the play named Duck and Birdy. They just have feathered fowl nicknames.) P.S. This play has no intermission.

Birdy, Murray, Enid

I don’t want to give too much away about the play as it is one I would strongly recommend individuals see. Yes it is a play about a dick, but you will have to go and learn for yourself what that means as it has more than one connotation. (Oh yes it definitely does!!). And during the backyard going away BBQ vignette, watch the can of beer and the cups. Amanda if that was your doing as director- Bravo. If the actor created it, how cleaver and cleaver of the director to leave it in.

Six talented actors are the entire cast of this story. Evonne Kezios (Enid), Jim Goodwin (Murray), Darcy Lenardson (Birdy), Ashley Marie James (Margi), Tyler Allen (Magnus) and David Richards (Duck). To this reviewer not one stood out over another as the ensemble brought to life their roles making this play about the life, sex and two families, with a couple of friends thrown in a Bravo on my rating scale.

Enid is a “more mature” women who is looking for something, when tragedy strikes. Murray, probably not intended to be the tragedy, is. Birdy is Enid’s best friend and enjoys the company of Magnus on Tuesdays. Margi is Enid’s 26 year old daughter who is moving out to live with her fiancé, Magnus. Duck is Murray’s father.

Bill Ware designed the simplistic set that lets the audience’s imagination create the scene allowing theatre goers the opportunity to enjoy the performances by the talented actors.

Duck and Enid

You learn one of them used Craigslist not Match dot com. You learn about being ridged, stripped, maybe folded. You see a very unexpected attempt at a kiss. And there is the Hindenburg Love Story as Birdy puts it. You need to see this production and when the final curtain falls (Oh yes there is that surprise ending that comes out of no-where) know that you have spent a night at the theatre, used your imagination, performed by a group that tells stories, were entertained and smiling when you walked out of the building.

The Play about a Dick only runs three weekends. Shows are at 7:30 pm July 7, 12, 13, 14, 18, 19, 20, 21. There are matinee performances on Sunday July 8 and 15 at 2pm. The House (theatre) opens 30 minutes prior to curtain. There is a lounge and bar available before house opens. Seating is open. Tickets are $18 in advance; $20 at the door. Advance tickets can be purchased online at

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