AT OUR Center: Rocks thrown, NOT Gunshots

Breaking News:    At approximately 7 pm on Tuesday January 2, OUR Center was vandalized by an unknown man, believed to be wearing a ski mask,  yelled for people to “get down” as 3 windows  and the front door were damaged.

One of the rocks used to smash the windows at Our Center on Tuesday January 2 at 7 pm. (photo courtesy of Yevonne Allen

Four rocks were hurled at the Center. Three of the rocks have been taken into custody as evidence by the Reno Police Department.  No one was injured in the incident but glass filled much of the reception area and could be found far down the hallway near the kitchen area according to Meredith Tanzer, Vice-President of the organization.

 “We wanted Our Center to be a safe place,” OUR Center president Jeromy Manke said as he surveyed the damage done to the nearly  two year old Center located on South Wells Ave in Reno.

“Yeah!, he even yelled to get down before he smashed the windows,” Meredith Tanzer said. The man, who was reportedly masked, is still at large and anyone having any information is being asked to contact Reno Police Department or OUR Center.

The windows smashed all faced South Wells Ave.  Initial reports circulated saying shots had been fired at the Center. These initial reports are false.   The incident is not considered a hate crime, but an isolated incident of vandalism.

The damaged windows at Our Center. (Photo courtesy of YeVonne Allen)

Leadership of the local GLBTIQA community were quick to condemn the attack on the Center.  Most people were in somewhat of a shock the incident had occurred.

Our Center posted a video to their facebook page showing the damage to the Center.  Both Meredith Tanzer, Vice President and Director of Programming and Jeromy Manke, president arrived at the Center to assess the damages.  The community is being asked to share the video with the hope of discovering who did the vandalism.

The Center does have insurance but there is a deductible.  The estimated damage is several thousand dollars as all the windows are double paned.  Anyone wishing to make a donation to help with the repairs that will be needed are asked to visit Our Center’s facebook page for the link to their Razoo fund raising page link.

Jerry Snyder of the Generator, a local Art Space, came to the Center’s rescue and offered help. He measured the windows so they could be covered this evening until the glass can be replaced.

The Center will be open for normal operating hours on Wednesday, January 3rd.


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