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Therenogaypage for January 11, 2018

Here is an issue of therenogaypage covering the vandalism that took place at OUR Center, the Reno GLBTQA Community Center on January 2. In this issue are the details of the incident, Community reaction and the police investigation. To read this issue it can be downloaded here by clicking on the link:  therenogaypage January 11, 2018

Could be as much as $10,000 damage at OUR Center

After surveying the damage to the windows and door at OUR Center, the Reno GBTQA Community Center, Board President Jeromy Manke estimated the damage done by a ski masked vandal on Tuesday January 2 at about 7 pm, at between $7,500 to $10,000. The amount is simply a guesstimate until the cost of the replacement … Continue reading

AT OUR Center: Rocks thrown, NOT Gunshots

Breaking News:    At approximately 7 pm on Tuesday January 2, OUR Center was vandalized by an unknown man, believed to be wearing a ski mask,  yelled for people to “get down” as 3 windows  and the front door were damaged. Four rocks were hurled at the Center. Three of the rocks have been taken … Continue reading


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