CALL TO ARMS: Register your opinion on Conversion Therapy

An urgent call is being sent out at the 11th Hour to garner GLBTIQA Community support for SB 201 which has a public testimony and comment hearing today at 1 pm (actual time will vary based on when the Assembly Floor session concludes) in Carson City before the Assembly Committee on Health and Human Resources.

SB 201 would ban conversion therapy in the State of Nevada. Conversion therapy has been proven medically to be ineffective in changing one’s behavior if they are GLBTIQ and has resulted in countless suicides. At 5:30 am this morning, the Share Your Opinion section of the Nevada Legislature website, which legislators refer to when considering votes, showed 143 respondents; 70 in favor of passage and 73 against.

Nevada would be the seventh state to ban conversion therapy if the bill passes.

The GLBTIQ community is being asked to voice its opinion on the issue but registering their comment. To do so go to (click on link provided): Share Your Opinion  use the pull down menu and locate SB 201. Write your comment or just be in Favor on the bill. The process is simple and only takes a few moments of your time.

Several online comments show that the opposition the bill are using parental rights and religious rights as reasons for not wanting the bill passed. One comment said:

This bill is an action to limit free speech and it is banning speech from religious entities and should not go forward!! Something called ” conversion therapy” is an underhanded way of limiting our 1st amendment rights Think very carefully Senators about what you are actually saying here in this ill conceived bill. Let therapists do the job they are trained to do and stop trying to control what is said in this state and country! I can only pray It dies!” one respondent wrote.

Another said, “Enough political correctNess (sic) already.”

Those in favor of banning conversion therapy are also having their say:

As a licensed psychotherapist, I am sad we have to have such a law since conversion therapies have been proven to be totally ineffective, and they harm the patient. But we do need it,” a respondent in favor of the ban wrote.

Another said: “Not only does conversion therapy not work, it is dangerous and reckless. I do not want to see any more minors being shamed or tricked into thinking their gender or sexual orientation identity is wrong or immoral!”

The Nevada Senate approved SB 201 during a floor vote on Equality Day 15-5, with one excused. GLBTIQA community support is needed to support the bill during public testimony and opinions in  the Health and Human Service Committee in the Assembly.

The meeting will be streamed via the Nevada Legislature website today. To watch the public testimony on the bill, go to the Nevada Legislature website, click on meetings in the upper right corner; locate Assembly Heath and Human Services and click on view. (streaming starts usually 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time).

Legislators due read the share your opinion comments when considering a vote.


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