Bunnies and Brunch a huge success for OUR Center

Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters rabbits and Bunnicorn.

The Easter rabbit(s) got up early on Saturday, April 15 and hid nearly 500 Easter eggs for the Bunnies and Brunch Family friendly event the folks at OUR Center put together at McKinley Arts and Culture Center. This was the first year of what will likely become an annual event for the nearly one year old GLBTQIA Community Center. Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters assisted OUR Center with the activities.

OUR Center Board Jeromy Manke, Todd Eikelberger and Meredith Tanzer

“I think it was alright,” Meredith Tanzer said with a smile on her face before…”NO! NO! IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!”

The sentiment was not only with the event’s organizers, but also parents and their kids who attended. Nearly 100 people came to the event planned just four weeks ago. Several people just driving by stopped and asked what was going on  and joined in the activities and fun.

The Easter Rabbit was there along with the Bunnicorn, a new Easter tradition in the Biggest Little City. Both hopped here and there and were popular with the kids and adults.  Lots of pictures were taken.

“I can’t believe the number of eggs that they placed everywhere,” Tracy who was there with here three kids but didn’t want to give a last name said. “Usually at these kinds of events the kids are lucky to get two or three eggs. Here my kids got about 20 each.”

Eggs were creatively placed everywhere

The eggs were filled with candy and chocolate and a special prize was given to the one who collected the most eggs. Mora-abbit,  (sister MoraLee d’Klined) from Reno’s Biggest Little Sisters, served as the hostess for the Easter Egg hunt. She told the kids to look for eggs everywhere as they were in plain sight, in the bushes, trees and hidden all over the place, even in holes.

Serenity, came out on top having collected 64 eggs. Sever other kids had over 50 and many had over 40 eggs in their baskets. Every kid who participated in the Easter egg hunt received a prize.

The Traditional Easter Basket and Reno’s Reno’s newest tradition the Bunnicorn

There was also a great brunch served at the event to start it off, organized by the OUR Center board and volunteers. Brunch featured pancakes cooked on the spot by Brian Jensen, an OUR Center volunteer; there was bacon, fresh fruit, donuts from Doughboys Donuts, Starbuck’s Coffee, orange juice and more, for just a $5 donation. Jensen even made several bunny pancakes that were snatched up quickly.

The Sisters organized games for the kids to play. There was even bunny bowling that kids and adults enjoyed.  There Sisters held a Bunny Hop race, Bunny roll and even the Bunny flip for the kids.

Even the editor of therenogaypage has the Easter spirit

“We look forward to doing this again next year,” Sister Mora-abbit (MoraLee D’Klined) said. “I think the adults had as much fun as the kids.”

“This is alot of fun!” Tommy who was four said. “I don’t want to leave I want to do this all day!”

No one knows if all the eggs hidden were actually collected.

Bunnies and Brunch has already been scheduled for the day before Easter 2018 on March 31 (Easter is April 1).


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