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Therenogaypage special edition: OUR Center at 1

Congratulations are due to the board of directors at OUR Center, the GLBTIQA Community Center in western Nevada. On Saturday, April 29, the Center will celebrate its first birthday of being open, alive, active and a vibrate place. To honor OUR Center, here is a special edition of therenogaypage. To view the issue click here: RGPCenterSpecialedition … Continue reading

NO Reno Pride Softball tonight……

Make the issue of Homeless GLBTIQ youth known: take the survey

OUR Center has put out a call for GLBTIQA community participation in the current ReImagine Reno Housing survey. They have been actively participating in the National Homeless Youth Point In Time Count in Reno for several years, as it is an important issue facing GLBTIQ youth. Please help homeless youth by filling out the ReImagine … Continue reading

CALL TO ARMS: Register your opinion on Conversion Therapy

An urgent call is being sent out at the 11th Hour to garner GLBTIQA Community support for SB 201 which has a public testimony and comment hearing today at 1 pm (actual time will vary based on when the Assembly Floor session concludes) in Carson City before the Assembly Committee on Health and Human Resources. … Continue reading

Bunnies and Brunch a huge success for OUR Center

The Easter rabbit(s) got up early on Saturday, April 15 and hid nearly 500 Easter eggs for the Bunnies and Brunch Family friendly event the folks at OUR Center put together at McKinley Arts and Culture Center. This was the first year of what will likely become an annual event for the nearly one year … Continue reading

therenogaypage for April 14

Good Grief Charlie Brown!  if you believe there isn’t an active, vibrant GLBTQ community in western Nevada — Think Again as it is. Therenogaypage publishes as there is a need based on the activity in the community. Since February 25, there has been a paper every two weeks. Today’s paper is 3 and half pages. … Continue reading

AJR2 gets Amend and Due pass Unanimously from Committee

The Senate Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections voted unanimously to to Amend and Due Pass Assembly Joint Resolution (AJR) 2 at the their Wednesday April 12 meeting.  The bill is a proposed constitution amended to remove the definition of marriage presently enjoined in the Nevada State Constitution. It would require that all marriages in … Continue reading

Governor Sandoval signs GLBTQI protection law, AB99

Nevada has expanded protections for the LGBTQ community and has incorporated gender identity and expression into our state’s non-discrimination laws. Today we took an important step forward for some of Nevada’s most at-risk and vulnerable youth and I would like to thank Assemblyman Araujo for sponsoring this important legislation,” Governor Brian Sandoval (R) said before … Continue reading

It started as it did last year for Reno Pride, with a loss 7-6

For Reno Pride the opening game of the Spring City of Reno Parks and Rec Co-Ed Novice Softball Monday night league was exactly how they started their very first Spring season, with a loss. Reno Pride took on Classical Stiff at the Reno Sports Complex falling 7-6 in six innings. “Great first game Reno Pride!.” … Continue reading

43rd Annual Easter Basket Auction raises $8,761

It was the Sunday before Easter and as tradition has it, it was the day for the Annual Easter Basket Auction at the Patio, which raises funds for the Residence Program of Northern Nevada H.O.P.E.S.   The baskets were gathered, raffle prizes collected, tickets sold. And the tradition began in 1974 continued, something that has happened … Continue reading


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