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Auer releases his study on GLBT places of historic value in Reno

Move over New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Miami when it comes to the GLBT History as the Biggest Little City was included as one of only five cities in the National Park Services Theme Study on historic places in a quest by the service to include under marginalized communities in the history of America … Continue reading

Breaking News: Twist to Orlando mass murderer

SF Gate (San Francisco Chronicle)  is reporting: Spanish-language broadcaster Univision has one of the strangest interviews in the wake of the worst mass shooting in U.S. history – but if true would offer new insight into the attack. Reporter María Elena Salinas has a sit-down interview with a man claiming to have been Omar Mateen’s lover. The source, who remained … Continue reading

Coronation XLI: Awards, Entertainment, Glitz and a new Emperor

The Silver Dollar Court. Inc., whose empire covers all of Nevada, expect Clark, Lincoln and Nye counties, and includes the Tahoe Basin and the eastern Sierra territories, hosted its annual Coronation Ball at Harrah’s Reno to one of the largest crowds in recent years packing its Convention Center on June 18. Coronation is the major … Continue reading

Reno Gay Bars Unite #wontkeepmeaway in unity with PRIDE

“More than ever, we must come together to appreciate and love one another.” A press release issued by The Biggest Little City’s four gay bars said. “We—our region as a whole—must continue to stand against bullying and repression.” The four gay bars, Cadillac Lounge, Carls-The Saloon, The 5 Star Saloon and the Patio, come together … Continue reading

“Gay” Pride has a history in western Nevada

Sometimes social media is a good as it can get the word out quickly. Many times social media creates more problems that it solves. People rant and rave. But if they do they should make sure they have the right information (the facts please just the facts). Therenopgaypage, previously the Sierra Voice, has been around … Continue reading

HUG’N’Love act of kindness set for June 20

Matthew Embrey, a Reno resident and a former active member of the Queer Student Union at the University of Nevada, said he was mad about all the hate following the Orlando mass murder and wanted to make a difference. He is seeking community support for an event he is calling Hug’n’Love set for Monday June … Continue reading

Huge Crowd at Orlando Candlelight Vigil in Reno

“Did we break the internet?” Someone in the crowd asked a friend they had just greeted. “I don’t think so it seems to still be working,” was the response. “Can you believe all the activity on social media today with everyone talking about Orlando and solidarity.” Reno, as many cities across the country did, jumped … Continue reading

RENO Vigil set for tonight to honor and remember

BREAKING NEWS: We have all heard the horrific and tragic news of a gunman who opened fire in a crowded Orlando, Florida GLBT NightClub in the morning hours of June 12 killing 50 and injuring 53 more, at latest count. The “gay” nightclub was popular within the rainbow community hosting Latin night on June 11 … Continue reading

Therenogaypage for June 10

Here is the latest edition of therenogaypage, a 23 year old community service (one man operation) to inform the GLBT community of Northern Nevada and the eastern Sierra. In this issue there are stories on: OUR Center, a place of activities Coronation XLI June 15-19 Elko Gay Pride this weekend First “Sisterly” Community Grants awarded. … Continue reading


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