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Cloud hangs over SCOTUS oral arguments on what outcome will be

DC Update: Oral arguments have concluded and the Huffington Post  is reporting that during the SCOTUS hearing justices seemed skeptical of arguments being presented. The Post reported the judges questioned whether now was the right time or not for marriage equality, allowing same gender couples to marry. To many GLBT community members that paints a picture … Continue reading

SCOTUS appeal hearing underway on marriage equality

The oral arguments have began before the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) in what legal experts are calling the case that will decide Marriage Equality in the United States. The arguments will last for approximately two and half hours starting at 10 am (7am pacific time). The final decision will be known when … Continue reading

Confusion in Reno over #Unite4Marriage events

Confusion seems to be an issue as it appears there are two separate events being held tomorrow in the nationwide call to rally to #Unite4Marriage as the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) hears oral arguments starting at 10 am Tuesday, April 28, which likely will determine if marriage equality is the law of … Continue reading

SCOTUS same-gender marriage case could effect Nevada

People have started gathering at the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) building to gain one of the 50 spots inside chambers on Tuesday, April 28 for the hearing before the highest court in the land on same gender marriage. The decision from the case, expected at the end of June, could determine if Nevada same gender couples … Continue reading

From sea to shinning sea… It is time for marriage equality

This Tuesday, April 28 is a historic day as the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) will hear two cases where lower District courts have upheld the ban on same gender marriage. Rallies are being held across the United States including one in the Biggest Little City. Reno’s Marriage Equality Rally is set for … Continue reading

Transgender bathroom bill fails in Assembly

Thanks to five Republican Assemblypersons, who took a stand against discrimination  for transgender children in Nevada schools, AB375 was defeated  22-20 on Tuesday night the last day to get bills out of the house of origin for the session. Assemblyman Ira Hansen (R-Sparks) said the issue likely now will become a ballot initiative  following the … Continue reading

Firestrom from Indiana causing Nevada “Religious Freedom Act” to die in committee: Republican Governor Sandoval says legislation not needed

Update “Religions Freedom Act”  Nevada is doomed. Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, a Republican, issued a statement about the proposed Nevada Religious Freedom Act (SB272; AB277), that was sent to Judiciary committees in both houses of the legislature, saying he did not feel this type of legislation was necessary. The statement came after the firestorm in … Continue reading

A “religious freedom” bill and non-discrimination bill sent to committee in Nevada legislature

Things are getting interesting in Nevada now that that both state houses are Republican controlled. Many GLBTIQA Nevada’s had hopped following the 9th District Court of Appeals decision on same gender marriage SJR13 would move through the legislature and work on removing the discriminatory language from the states constitution. SJR13 will likely not even be … Continue reading


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