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RGP issue for October 23

The next issue of therenogaypage, the 22 year old GLBT newspaper in northern Nevada and the eastern Sierra. Yep and still can’t spell. Please share this with your friends. Remember the newspaper will publish each time a page has been filled. It means more timely stories and information. You can get the latest news from … Continue reading

RGP publishes an issue again

People have wondered where it is. For some reason regardless that fact that this curmudgeon has never been able to spell they still want it. So here is is the October 14 issue of therenogaypage. The is a link at the bottom of this story to the newspaper. The editor lost the sight in his … Continue reading

Breaking News: Coalition seeks rehearing in Nevada same gender marriage case

Even though the Coalition for the Protection is known to lack standing based on the SCOTUS (Supreme Court) ruling in the California Proposition 8 case (Hollingsworth v. Perry), today (October 13) the group filed a petition with the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals to have the case (Sevcik v Sandoval) reheard before the full court. … Continue reading

NO rush for same gender marriage licenses in Washoe County

Love Won sums up the topsy-turvy, on again off again, hold on, two days that the northern Nevada GLBT community experienced following the ruling by the 9th District Court of Appeals on Tuesday, October 7, setting aside Nevada’s constitutional definition of marriage as between a man and a women as unconstitutional and treated same gender … Continue reading

Idaho Coalition vows to continue fight as Nevada issues same gender marriage licenses; Governor Sandoval declares the battle over

“The crazy (Coalition for the Protection of Marriage) people just don’t seem to get it do they,” Kerry Peterson of Sparks said when he learned The Coalition plans to continue the battle against same gender marriage in Nevada. “What don’t they understand a federal court has said it is discriminatory, therefore unconstitutional? So unless the … Continue reading

“It’s a historic day in Nevada” Marriage Equality arrives!

The Karens, as they are known (Karen Vibe and Karen Goody), were the first in Washoe County to receive there marriage license following the federal court order negating Nevada state law defining marriage as between a man and a women. The two plan a wedding in their new home backyard on November 15. It is … Continue reading

JOY JOY JOY pop the bubbly Nevada Marriage Equality by days end!

By the end of today Marriage Equality will be official in the State of Nevada adding the Silver State to the growing list of states that recognize same gender marriages. The 9th District Court of Appeals gave the go ahead to Federal Court Judge James Mahan to issue the injunction barring the enforcement of the … Continue reading

9th Circuit says court order allowing same gender marriage in force and effect

The 9th Circuit District Court of Appeals has issued an order following the withdrawal of the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage motion for a stay to stop the issuance of same gender marriage licenses in Nevada saying “The mandate issued in the above captioned case (Sevick v. Sandoval 12-17668) on October 7, 2014 remains … Continue reading

Better that an disneyland E ride ticket; Nevada Marriage Equality roller coaster

Without warning and with no reason given, the attorney, Monte Neil Stewart, representing the Coalition of the Protection of Marriage withdrew its opposition to the 9th District Courts ruling that allows same gender marriage in Nevada. The Coalitions withdrawing its emergency stay request leaves no opposition to same gender marriage in Nevada. For marriages to … Continue reading

YES, Victory, Then No, Then Yes again, Then put on hold

It was Victory! It was stayed by order of the Supreme Court. The stay was lifted for Nevada. Then late this afternoon (October 8) the Coalition for the Protection of Marriage filed an emergency request for an injunction in Nevada preventing the issuance of same gender marriage licenses. Justice Anthony Kennedy has not acted on … Continue reading


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